Dutch company Etergo is getting ready to put its AppScooter on sale and make the first deliveries of the electric, app-integrated two-wheeler.

“This is not your run-of-the-mill scooter,” said Etergo’s Bart Jacobsz Rosier.

“AppScooter is a world-class electric scooter that is not only green and intuitively safer but also better in every way – from its sleek design and longer driving range to its bigger storage space and faster, more efficient drivetrain.

“People fall in love with the sophisticated design and feel safer with AppScooter, which happens to be electric. It’s a win for both consumers and the environment.”

Everything about the AppScooter is innovative. The scooter gets its name from the 7-inch touchscreen display on the handlebars, which has an app-like interface. It connects via Bluetooth to the rider’s smartphone for navigation, other apps or to stream music.

Lift the seat to get access to the battery modules – curved, of course, nothing so ordinary as a rectangular box – and a huge 60-litre baggage space. The banana-shaped battery packs are so designed to insert easily into the compartment and also to be easy to carry (for recharging).

The AppScooter’s rolling chassis is relatively straightforward with telescopic front suspension, rising rate rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, 12-inch alloy wheels and built-in lighting.

Performance is brisk with 0-45km/h (28mph) in 3.9 seconds and a range of 50 miles per charge. The range can be increased by adding more battery modules up to a maximum of three.

AppScooter was born in Amsterdam, epicenter of Europe’s green transport boom. It started as Bolt, but changed its name last year.

Q3 2019 is the expected delivery date for the first production series AppScooters – nicknamed the ‘Two-wheel Tesla’ – with many regions nearing first batch sell-out thanks to a flurry of pre-orders after Etergo’s AppScooter Unveil Event held last July.

Deliveries will be factory-to-door, ready to drive out-of-box, with Mobile Etergo Service Vans and service experts available in the delivery regions for complete on location maintenance support. AppScooter will retail in its basic package at €3,399.

Etergo AppScooter

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