Sunday, February 17, 2019


Swind E Classic Mini

Swind E Classic Mini – the EV with soul and character

How do you turn a classic car, a Mini, into an electric vehicle? Well, it's not easy and not cheap. The Swind E Classic...
BMW 7 series hybrid

BMW’s new 7-series flagship gets a hybrid power unit

BMW's flagship car is the 7-series and the latest version will go on sale this spring with a plug-in hybrid electric power unit. There is...
VW electric buggy

The VW buggy is back – and now it’s electric!

Volkswagen is bringing back the dune buggy - this time powered by an electric motor. The fully electric buggy is based on the historical predecessors...
VRCO NeoXCraft flying car

VRCO to test NeoXCraft flying supercar in 2019

Sometime this year, a British designed and built flying car should start flight tests with the aim of going into production in 2020. Yes,...
2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota launches new RAV4 Hybrid

In 1994, Toyota’s launch of the original RAV4 introduced a new kind of car to the world, one that combined the go-anywhere performance and...


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